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Greenville, SC

Greenville is known for its iconic downtown atmosphere, but it is home to other once in a lifetime attractions that most people are unaware of. With a population of 60,379 people, don’t be left out when it comes to enjoying all of what Greenville can offer.

For example, many people travel to Greenville’s legendary WestEnd, but not many know about Falls Park on the Reedy and Fluor Field. Falls Park on the Reedy is an oasis of clear water where people gather to work, play, and relax. Just hearing the rushing water will instantly put your nerves at ease. Fluor Field is a small version of the Fenway Park baseball stadium owned by the Boston Red Sox. You will be transported in spirit from Greenville to Boston during the nightly playing of the anthem “Sweet Caroline.” If that’s not enough, the Greenville Zoo is sure to take you all over the world. Their exotic wildlife is presented in up close and personal exhibits with natural barriers to give you an extra realistic experience. A great way to explore the city is by taking the Swamp Rabbit Tram Trail. Running 13 miles along the Reedy River, you are guaranteed to see sights like no other. Known as a “hidden jewel” in Greenville, The Peace Center located in the heart of Greenville, hosts spectactular performances coupled with white glove service. The next time you visit Greenville travel like a local and be sure to enjoy all of the attractions Greenville is home to.

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